НебоТаМісяць (30.04.2018)

The sky and the moon / Nebo ta misyats

 МеріЛінор - НебоТаМісяць (сингл)

music and lyric: TJ Hinako, Sergey Shinkarenko

records: Yellow Submarine Records (Dnipro)
producing: Yuri Yakhno, Andrey Bogdanov
mixing and mastering: Sweet 81, Kraków

vocals: TJ Hinako
guitar: Sergey Shinkarenko
bass: Julia Tkach
drums: Alexander Shabelsky

keyboards, FX: Yuri Yakhno
guitar: Andrey Bogdanov


Recording one song costs about 200 cups of espresso. These are approximately 300 cans of inexpensive beer. In this case, the album is 1000 servings of classic shawarma.

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