13 (13.03.2019)

МэриЛинор - 13 (2019)
МэриЛинор - 13 (2019)

Nerd-punk, which is more nerd than punk, but punk tartness, bitterness and obscene language, however, are available. The romance of big cities and residential areas, music for the player and the road, what will be next to the bus, in the supermarket queue and during the morning run. What you see and feel every day is embedded in rhyme and rhythm.

Track listing

01. Мэри
02. Кровью
03. НеПесня (Lyric video)
04. Нора
05. НеОбещай
06. Ноль
07. Камень
08. Ядом
09. НебоТаМісяц (Video clip)
10. Демоны (Lyric video)
11. Карма
12. ЧетыреМоста (Video clip)
13.  Пішак (Lyric video)

recording: KS Records
Andrey Bogdanov – backing vocals, sound engineer
Yurii Yakhno – backing vocals, additional guitars, аaccoustic guitar, keys, piano, percussion, FX, recording, mixing, mastering​​

TJ Hinako – lead vocals, backing vocals
Rain – guitar, accoustic guitar
Yol – bass
Vins – drums

Alex Kardashоv – backing vocals, reverse vocals


We did it together! And this is our album with you!

Thanks to our lovely official sponsor Alex Kardashov.

And no less lovely: Natasha and Maxim Kvitka, Natalya Gavrilchenko, Ekaterina Khanzhina, Alex Maletskyi, Alexander Morok, Valentina Klyuyko, Sergey Dobryshev, Frodo79, Irbis Rymsha, Tatyana Lukina, Max Grechka, Vladimir Tutov, Khristina Marchuk, Ilona Eroshka, Anna, Alexey, Maria Lakeeva, Oleksii Mykhailiuk, Olga Vladimirova, Mityaev, Elena Rybak, Evgeny Yurchenko, Anna Annenkova, Ekaterina Mamchur, Vladislav T, Helga Danilova, Andrei Pererva, Svetlana Kulbashnaya, Anna Bardysheva, Serhii Serhiiko, Anna Tatarova Alexandra, Demin, Alexander Volok, as well as several people elavshih remain anonymous.

Special thanks to Channel 9 (Dnipro) for information support.


Recording one song costs about 200 cups of espresso. These are approximately 300 cans of inexpensive beer. In this case, the album is 1000 servings of classic shawarma.

On this site we give away our music for free. If you like her, if you want to support us, you can do it. Just transfer any amount of money (at your discretion) to one of the card accounts below.

All received money will be spent on recording new songs and filming new clips, which you can download for free from our website.


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